D.C. Act 10-222 Would Exempt D.C. Residents from Paying Federal Income Tax Until Representation in Congress is Achieved

18 01 2012

In 1990, Rev. Jesse Jackson, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, Mayoral Candidate Charlene Drew Jarvis, and several labor union leaders wrote D. C. Delegate Walter E. Fauntroy a letter.  They asked him to introduce legislation exempting D. C. residents from paying federal income taxes until statehood is achieved.  Fauntroy declined, claiming such an effort would be “a waste of my time.”  Rev. Jackson was subsequently elected one of D.C.’s first “U.S. Senators” under the Tennessee Plan for D. C. statehood.  Had Jackson stuck with his proposal and continued to press the Congress on the issue, the statehood cause might well have commanded more national media attention and legislative support.

In 1994, the D.C. Council adopted Act 10-222 which states:  “The Council requests that the Congress of the United States enact the following:  Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no D. C. resident shall be required to make federal income tax payments until such time as the District is granted full representation in both houses of Congress.”

This law has not been repealed.  Why then isn’t “independent” Democratic Council Member Michael Brown taking this policy message to Congress and the State legislatures?



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